Hindi Story

Hindi Story सेब का पेड़

16th August 2020 Raj 0

Hindi Story सेब का पेड़      एक बार की बात है, एक जंगल में एक गाँव में एक किसान रहता था। उसके पास एक […]

Hindi Story

Hindi Story ‘Dreams’

1st February 2020 Raj 1

     This hindi story ‘Dreams’ is actually a moral hindi story.This story is about a beggar,who always dreams big but don’t want to work to […]

Hindi Moral Story

Hindi Moral Story – Takleef

20th January 2020 Raj 2

This is a hindi moral story ‘Takleef’.If you like this story then share and comment. Hindi Moral Story “Takleef“        एक बादशाह अपने कुत्ते के […]

Hindi Motivational Story

Hindi Story – “Window”

18th December 2019 Raj 2

       This hindi story is about Introspection.One should not see about negative things of others,introspection is must before saying negative about others.If you like this […]